The Star

The Sl’thsyss Empire

A Brief Treatise on the Star and its Inhabitants.


Not much is known these days of The Star, or the ancient empire of Lizardmen, the Sl’thsyss that once dominated the region. The Star is verdant wetlands through-and-through, and capable of supporting vast amounts of life, which it still does today, although there is very little in the way of civilization upon the island. The tattered remnants of the Lizardman race war with one another, and terrifying creatures, warped by arcane energies wander the landscape.

At the height of their power, the Sl’thsyss were masters of all things Arcane, able to bend reality to their whims through the use of magic, but this eventually proved to be their undoing, or so the ancient texts recovered from the few expeditions to The Star would have us believe. Decadent and arrogant, the upper caste of powerful mages reached too far with their power, and brought a firey ruin down upon themselves, and the rest of their mighty-empire, reducing it to rubble and ruin.

The Sl’thsyss

The remnants of the Sl’thsyss, more colloquially called ‘Lizardmen’ are now a primitive, tribal people, hunting and gathering upon their island, and warring with one another. With the loss of their culture and writings, they no longer have the magical potential they once had, and are now little more than primitive barbarians. Though, they are not to be underestimated in terms of physical prowess.

Other Denizens

To exhaustively catalog and list all the denizens of The Star would be a futile task, I fear. Such a rich environment, coupled with the arcane radiation that still suffuses the island has created species unlike anything else on Terros. Creatures there grow larger, faster, and stronger than those of other continents, and often develop innate magical abilities, and even intelligence. Some of the more infamous denizens of The Star are the Displacer Beast, Basilisk, and the Infernosaur.

The Star

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