Fangport is a huge city on the Souththern tip of the Dragon’s Fang Peninsula, in Thuringia, the Northwestern continent. Fangport’s total population hovers around fourty-thousand souls, and is divided into three main districts. Fangport Central is the home of the city’s administration building, many of its nobles, and it’s higher-end shopping establishments. The Fangport Docks are a much seedier place, where the rule of the Mayor is no longer respected, and the City Guard do not tread lightly. The Docks are run by a seedy organization calling themselves “The Left Hand”. Not much is known about this organization, but those who don’t pay their dues might find themselves in an unpleasant situation. Nonetheless, this organization seems to work with the administartion in Fangport Central, as the shipments of goods from the docks always seem to find their way to where they need to go. Last are the Fangport Ranges. To the north of Central lies the middle-class of Fangport, ranchers and herders who feed their livestock on the fertile plains that seem to stretch on forever to the North of the city proper. The Ranges are also home to any number of craftsmen and small businesses not fortunate or wealthy enough to make it into Fangport Central.

Fangport Central

Fangport Central is the heart and soul of Fangport, with just over twenty-thousand people calling this district home. Large, towering apartment buildings dominate the skyline, with the Administration Tower standing above them all. Fangport is ruled by a popularly elected official, currently Mayor Royam, who has been in office for three terms running. Locations of note in Fangport Central are as follows.

Jade and Multhwyckle Tea Importing – Taryn Jade and Phinneas Multhwyckle run a high-quality tea-importing business… But they’ll import other stuff too. They’ve got connections down at the docks, and if you’re looking for something rare, or maybe not entirely legal… They might be able to find it for you. For a price, of course.

The Wineskin and Prayer – A rowdy, but popular tavern in Fangport Central, the Wineskin and Prayer is located just off Gods’ Row, where the majority of Fangport’s temples are located. The Wineskin and prayer is famed throughout Thuringia as the finest winery run by humans, and even outshining many Centaur wineries. The food’s nothing to scoff at either, and the prices are more than fair. If you’re looking for a rumor or two, the proprietors, Noble Shields and Corina Owens always keep an ear to the ground, too.

The Steel Ring – Entertainment at its finest. The Steel Ring is a large arena, able to accommodate all manner of sporting events, including combat sports. Yearly, great tournaments are held where brave or foolhardy adventurers are pitted against creatures captured specially for the occasion, generating worldwide interest. Dwarves, Gnomes, Centaur, and even the Goblinoids are known to flock to the event, if they have the money. Those who don’t simply watch at home.

Crazy Igor’s Golem Emporium – ‘Crazy’ Igor is a retired adventurer, and a Wizard of no small power. Igor has turned his not-inconsiderable talents to profitable use now, though, and makes Golems of all shapes and sizes for those who can afford them. Occasionally he’ll make the odd magical trinket for someone who strikes his fancy, but he usually sticks to his Golemcraft. “No finer Golems in the world, and with prices like you’ll find here, I must be crazy!”

Dragonfang Adventurer’s College – A well-respected and prestigious Adventuring Academy, the Dragonfang Adventurer’s College has produced more than its share of legendary heroes from its ranks. A repository of knowledge, and home to many experienced, retired adventurers, this is the place to go for any kind of research, although unless you’re a student or alumnus, the price can be steep.

Skyview Bazzar – A huge, open-air marketplace in the middle of town, almost anything you can imagine can be found at the Skyview Bazzar. Traders who have just come back from the Hub can be found hawking their foreign wares, and those on their way show off the highest quality of human craftsmanship, while local merchants ply their wares, be they food, weapons, or something more exotic.

Urgar’s Arms and Armor – Run by an Orc of truly mammoth proportions, Urgar’s Arms and Armor produces some of the finest… if ugliest… armor and weapons you can find in Fangport. Once an Orcish Warlord in his homeland, Urgar came to Thuringia for a spot of adventure, and it shows. With only one good eye left, and a face that’s more scar than actual face, odds are he has a tale or two to tell. Unfortunately for those who’d like to hear, he’s not much of a conversationalist.

Administration Tower – This massive edifice stretches nearly 40 stories high, and houses the entire bureaucracy of Fangport. Although the citizens of Fangport enjoy many liberties, they have to wade through an endless sea of red tape to get them. It’s not much different anywhere else in Thuringia, unfortunately, but the paper-pushers here do seem to enjoy themselves a bit too much.

Gods’ Row – If there’s a deity, you can almost be certain He/She/It will be represented on God’s row. A wide, meandering boulevard near the North side of Central, Gods’ Row is a popular destination for travellers, and pilgrims.

The Keg and Vial – Halfway tavern, and halfway amusement park, this extremely large tavern is run by an Alchemist, of all things, whose drinks can have… Interesting effects. From brews that can knock a Dwarf flat on his ass with a single drink, to brews that will turn your skin blue, or make you so dizzy you can’t stand, Kairos, the proprietor, can make it for you. Rumor has it he’s skilled at crafting potions as well, but he never sells them, if it’s true.


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