Cosmology of Terros

Terros is a world that is heavily influenced by the Gods, and the power of belief. The basic cosmology of the planes, and more details on the driving divine force in the world, The Dichotomy, will be explained below.

Basic Cosmology

Terros itself is the name given to the world in which all mortal beings live, sometimes referred to as “The Prime”. The Prime exists at an intersection between all of the elemental, para-elemental, and quasi-elemental planes, as well as the intersection between the Ideal Plane and the Perverse Plane. Outside of the Elemental Planes, the Outer Planes house all number of strange and wonderful alien worlds, home to fantastic creatures beyond imagining.

The Power of Belief

Belief has the power to make real. It’s unknown if the Gods and the Dichotomy existed before or after sentient beings began to believe in them, but one thing is certain: If enough people believe in an ideal, a being, or a truth, the very fabric of the universe will make it so. Those with strong enough strength of will, and true dedication are even able to alter reality around them, in accordance with the principles they hold sacred. This is exemplified in a terrifying manner by Elven Willbreakers, whose dedication to the ideal of Dominion give them formidable psychic powers.

The Dichotomy

All of reality is based on the cosmic principle of The Dichotomy. The Prime Material Plane sits at the intersection of the Ideal Plane and the Perverse Plane, which gives it its form and structure. Everything in the cosmology is represented by this Dichotomy, which is why the Gods of Terros come in pairs.

Everything on the Prime is neither perfect, nor completely wrong, but has elements of both its Ideal form and Perverse form (see descriptions of the Ideal and Perverse Planes for more examples), combining to make the Prime form of these objects.


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