Catacombs of Thuringia

An Account of the Catacombs of Thuringia, from Crazy Igor

Eh? You want to know more about the Catacombs? Heh, well, I suppose that can’t hurt too much.

So, heh, near as I can figure, the catacombs run all down the Southeast coastline of Thuringia, heh. Started out just under Fangport, and the, heh… The undesirables moved in there. It was dark, and cold, but nobody ever pays much attention to what’s under them, so everybody was happy.

That was, of course, until the Necromancers moved in, heh. Assholes, from the Blackwater March down South. They joined their tunnels in with the catacombs, heh. And it uh… Heh… It didn’t end well. We had something of an issue with people missing, and more zombies than we could account for, heh.

Long story short, we sent some young whippersnappers who fancied themselves heroes down there and they ‘solved’ the problem, heh. After that we sealed them off, but, it’s not that hard to get in if you know the password, heh. And seeing as how I put the magic seals on there, I should know the passwords, heh.

Anyhow, nobody’s been down there for a good fifty years now, so there’s no telling what kind of horrible mischief has gone on down there, but you’d best keep an eye on your ass while you’re down there, heh.

Heh heh heh heh heh….

Catacombs of Thuringia

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