The Journey of a Thousand Leagues...

Our heroes, Cruril Darkeye, Rogar Kazaruk, and SKY’S CHARACTER WHO STILL NEEDS A NAME, thought they were just going on a routine collection for Crazy Igor. Just another day at work, finding whatever Igor needed for whatever he was making.

Little did they know, everything was about to change.

While harvesting the Flamesbane Mold inside a dark and musty cave for Crazy Igor, an earthquake rocked Terros, causing the chamber the heroes were in to collapse, sealing them inside the cave. Upon regaining their bearings, our heroes noticed that one of the cavern walls had collapsed, leading into a worked stone passageway with stairs spiraling down, and down…

Cruril, Rogar, and SKY’S CHARACTER found themselves in an ancient temple dedicated to The Dichotomy itself, neatly bisected in half with one half representing the Ideal, and the other half the Perverse. Whatever had happened to the inhabitants of the temple was unknown, but it was almost completely deserted, but for the skeleton of a chimera, watching over the treasure vaults in death as much as in life. After a short battle in which the heroes handily vanquished the skeletal chimera, they were drawn to investigate a strange, glowing, floating blue orb, which reflected the chamber, but as it was in all its glory and splendor. Around the walls in the vaults was a series of mosaics, depicting a large, black star in the daylight sky, and horrible monsters pouring forth from the earth, sea and sky in reaction to this star. Seeing no other way out, the heroes approached the orb, grasping it… And were hurtled through time, five-thousand years in the past.

Speaking shortly with the inhabitants of the temple in all its glory, it seemed that the world was about to be scoured clean of life. Horrifying monsters that were thought to be only legend had risen throughout the world. This small cult seemed to know the truth of things, but they were too few, and resigned to their fate.

Our heroes, not about to die along with the rest of the world struck out to where Fangport lie in their time, finding a small trade town. Bribing a smuggler captain to sail them to an island where Rogar remembered tales of a powerful ancient wizard, Plazzgynaard the Unstable, they were beset upon by a powerful, horned fiend. The heroes and the fiend bitterly battled, but in the end, they triumphed, if by only a hair’s breadth…

Items of Interest Found

-High Priest’s Medallion

Adventure Seeds

-Inscription on wall: “In the reign of Virtue, when the Bridge of Candles is broken, the Scepter of Wands shall be restored”





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