Back to the Future

An adventure in time-travel.

After their encounter with the corrupted minotaur, our heroes made berth along the Cliffs of Raving Madness along the shoreline of Plazzgynaard the Unstable‘s island, which were easily scaled by SKY’S NAMELESS CHARACTER. Captain Serpenthelm, a skilled phalanx soldier decided to accompany the party to the wizard’s tower.

When they arrived, they found the scene of a great battle. The remnants of summoned elementals and the ruins of Plazzgynaard’s tower stood testament to the might of those who came before the heroes, and they passed unmolested to the top of the tower, where Plazzgynaard himself waited.

Upon entering, Plazzgynaard pleaded for mercy, stating that Cruril, Rogar, Captain Serpenthelm, and SKY’S CHARACTER had just been there, and had made a mess of everything, inuring him, wrecking his tower, and leaving a large, magical chest behind. Contained in the chest was a wealth of magical gear tailored to the specialties of each member of the group, including the newly-joined Captain. After examining the gear and interrogating the terrified Plazzgynaard once again, Plazzgynaard cast a spell that supposedly was requested of him by the adventurers who had come before, catapulting the party 5,000 years into the future, back to their own time, just after they had been flung back to the past.

Now stranded on an island with nothing more than mossy stones to accompany them, the party ran across a stroke of luck when they saw a ship on the horizon. Cruril Darkeye managed to attract their attention with a Flare round from his musket, and the marooned heroes were soon rescued, but not before handily dispatching a Scrag that attempted to ambush them in the shallow water.

The journey back to Fangport was no less dangerous, as the seas teemed with monsters awoken by the Deathstar. Sea Hags, Giant Squids, and more. And to make matters worse, Fangport was under siege by Goblins. The ship was forced to make landfall south of the Fangport docks, as they were teeming with Goblin scum and Warbarges, and enter through a postern gate, but not before crossing blades with a trio of well-equipped Goblin Elites.

With the help of Crazy Igor, the heroes once again were back in Fangport, where Igor had news for them. He had been scrying around Terros, looking for what could be the cause of the Deathstar, and located a powerful magic anomaly on The Star, though its exact location could not be pinpointed. Crazy Igor tasked the heroes to find the source of the anomaly, hoping that it may shed some light on current developments.

In order to get to The Star, the heroes would need seaborne transportation, a Dwarven Glassboat, but there were none to be found in Fangport, and so they were told to journey to Manjanagara by land by Igor. The way out of the city, however, was beset on all sides by Goblins, and escaped Hydras roaming the countryside, and so Igor shared his knowledge of the Catacombs of Thuringia with the heroes, and set them on their way to save the world…




Back to the Future

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